Together, we are

Empowering Hope. Inspiring Strength. United Against Cancer.

The Challenge

Breast Cancer:


Women will be diagnosed in her lifetime

Breast Cancer:


Estimated number of new cases in 2024

Breast Cancer:


5-year survival rate for women

Colorectal Cancer:


Estimated number of new cases in 2024

Colorectal Cancer:


Men and women will be diagnosed in their lifetime

Mission Statement

To provide compassionate support by improving quality of life and restoring hope for people affected by cancer

Our Objective

To improve the quality of life of people affected by cancer who are not able to afford care

Our Approach

• Efficient utilization of resources
• Community Participation
• Volunteer effort

Cost & Convenience

The services will be provided at highly subsidized professional fees to make them affordable for all

Treatment Eligibility


18 years old and above

Previous Care

Must currently be under the care of a primary care physician


Patients must be currently uninsured or underinsured


Patients must be referred by a physician’s office

Cancer Type

We treat patients diagnosed with breast or colon cancer that has not metastasized

We consider treatment of other cancers on a case-to-case basis

Breast Cancer
Colon Cancer

Our Numbers That Speak

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Patients Treated
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Our Success Stories

Based on 9 reviews
Nathan Jasso
April 14, 2023
In this clinic they have helped my mom with love and compassion in all her needs. The diversity of professional who donate their time there show us how beautiful is to help people in difficult times not looking at their culture or lenguage, just striving to make a better world by helping those most in need. Thank you so much. God Bless all the wonderful stuff of GDAS.
Lori Holder
September 4, 2022
I am forever grateful for being connected to GDAS. Dealing with a cancer diagnosis is hard enough. Not knowing how you will be able to pay for treatment is terrifying. The intake process was painless. Every member of their staff has been helpful and encouraging. They are truly concerned about their patients and their goal is to see me well again.
Victoria Mercer
August 10, 2022
When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, it devastated our lives! We were not prepared it. We were stretched so thin financially getting through her surgeries and now we were faced with chemotherapy treatments. Dr. Olivares referred us to GDSA in Richardson, and what a God send they were to us. They took my wife in, evaluated her and approved her chemotherapy treatments within a few days. The medical staff and the administrative staff were absolutely amazing, they talked us through the procedure, explained in thorough detail what to expect and calmed our fears! I have never experienced such warmth and kindness from a group of medical professionals and office staff.
Tomasa Calzada
March 5, 2019
En lo particular me siento mejor y he tenido muy buen seguimiento a mi problema de cáncer de seno, el personal es amable y atento a lo que el paciente necesite, las doctoras las enfermeras y todo el personal que ahí labora le hacen sentir cómoda además de que también cuentan con un persona que les ayuda a interpretar el ingles,en un ambiente limpio seguro y confortable, muchas gracias por su ayuda,ya que las personas que no tenemos seguro médico ni los medios económicos suficientes estamos o yo en lo particular le doy gracias a Díos por ponerme en sus manos muchas gracias.
reshma raheja
January 10, 2019
Patients with cancer ( especially breast) who don't have insurance are greatly benefitted by the caring and compassionate service by the physicians and nurses at GDAS. What an amazing place for patient care.
Jose Valenciano
January 10, 2019
I’m very thankful whit all these peoples help me All are very nice persons. Thanks god for knowing these persons.
Ezequiel Gutierrez
January 10, 2019
Great staff, nice, friendly, and understanding! They also have Spanish translators for whom may need. Honestly very happy they helped us thru this dark time 🙏🏽